torstaina, marraskuuta 30, 2006

Raportti Oaxacasta

I'm a Oaxacan teacher somehow left out from the repression that is taken place right now at my city. The Federal and state police are taking prisoners and doing house searches with blank aprehension or searching warrants. They write names on papers once they catch a person that they believe could be a rebel based only in appeareance (being young, wearing a black t-shirt, long hair and sneakers makes you a prime suspect) or in reports by people made on the PRI illegal radio. Then prisoners are taken to clandestine jails. Some of them reappear later on in far prisons at the other side of Mexico without any valuable legal help and with no communication with realtives, friends or NGOs.

The police is cruising the city streets heavily armed and they are taking teachers even when working at their schools. Today there are no classes for this reason at all the public schools in the Central Valleys. Ther are not classes at the Oaxaca Regional Technological Institute, and classes at the Benito Juarez University (UABJO) are closed at 40 %. There is no way of making public protests and the population is intimidated.

There are rumors about mass graves, but nobody can really testify about the truth in this case. But there are many tales about people having seen corpses in the streets on the night of November, Saturday the 25th, mainly at the Fuente Siete Regiones in fron of the UABJO Medicine School.

This is ourageous! The assesins are celebrating in the rich suburbs of the city, and the poor people is left without any rights.

My country, Mexico, can not be taken into account as a civilized country...I'm sure that sanctions as the ones impossed to South Africa in the XX century should be implemented on my poor country in order to make the corrupted politicians give way to a democratic country.